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What is life coaching and how does it work?

What is life coaching and how does it work
What is life coaching and how does it work

A life coach is an inspiring professional who works closely with individuals to help them make positive life changes, set and achieve goals, and improve their overall well-being. Life coaches provide guidance, support, and accountability to help their clients clarify their values, identify their strengths, and overcome obstacles to reach their desired outcomes.


Life coaches use various techniques and strategies to assist their clients in identifying and achieving their goals. They may use tools such as questioning, active listening, reflection, and action planning to help clients gain clarity, generate insights, and develop actionable steps towards their objectives. Life coaches also help clients to develop self-awareness, identify limiting beliefs, and learn new skills.

Life coaching is a collaborative process that involves a partnership between the coach and the client. During this process, the coach provides a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to explore their thoughts and feelings.

The coach does not provide advice or tell the client what to do, but instead helps the client tap into their own inner resources, explore possibilities, and create their own solutions. Life coaches also hold their clients accountable for their progress and help them stay motivated.

Life coaches can assist individuals in various areas of life, including career development, relationships, personal growth, health and wellness, time management, and overall life balance. They can help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, improve their self-confidence, enhance their decision-making skills, and create a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

It's important to note that life coaching is distinct from therapy or counselling. While therapists focus on addressing mental health issues and healing emotional wounds, life coaches primarily focus on the present and future, working towards personal and professional growth and achievement. Life coaching can be a great choice for individuals who are looking to improve their life skills and achieve specific goals.

If you're considering working with a life coach, know that with the right coach, you can achieve your potential and live your best life. It's important to find someone who is certified and experienced in the field. If you'd like to work with me, feel free to book a free 30-minute discovery call where we can explore your goals and determine if we're a good fit.

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