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Sleep and Menopause: Finding Your Zzz's in the Midst of Hormonal Havoc

“Do Not Regret Growing Older, It's a Privileged Denied to Many”- Unknown

Sleep and Menopause!

Ah, menopause - the not-so-pleasant surprise party your body throws for you in your middle years. One of the uninvited guests? Sleep disruptions. It's like trying to sleep on a rollercoaster, with hot flashes and night sweats sending you on a wild ride through the night.

Sleep is an essential restorative process crucial for the body and mind. However, menopause can disrupt sleep, causing insomnia and fragmented sleep, which can have far-reaching consequences on a woman’s daily life. Night sweats are a significant culprit behind these disturbances, and they can be profoundly disruptive, leading to frequent awakenings at night and making continuous and restorative sleep elusive.

The reason behind night sweats lies in the hormonal fluctuations that occur during menopause. Oestrogen, which plays a crucial role in regulating a woman’s reproductive cycle, also influences the body temperature control mechanism in the brain's hypothalamus. Oestrogen levels fluctuate during menopause, leading to sudden and temporary spikes in body temperature that are experienced as hot flashes or night sweats.

A study by Baker et al. published in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews in 2007 delves deeper into this relationship between oestrogen and sleep. The review emphasises how changes in oestrogen levels can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, which is the internal clock regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Oestrogen influences the production of certain neurotransmitters and amino acids (GABA). When oestrogen levels decline, as seen in menopause, these sleep-regulating compounds can lead to alterations, which can contribute to sleep disturbances.

My, weary menopausal warriors! I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you reclaim your peaceful slumber. So grab your PJs, and let's dive in:

1. Rise and shine (just before the sun): Start your sleep prep early in the day by embracing the morning sun. Rise with the chirping birds, meditate to Zen yourself, and stroll to soak up those golden rays. It's like gently guiding your internal sleep clock in the right direction.

2. Journaling: Pour out your menopausal musings onto paper. Let your pen be your therapist as you jot down your thoughts, feelings, and anxieties. By releasing them onto the page, you can leave them behind and drift off into dreamland with a lighter heart.

3. Oestrogen-rich eats: Add some hormone-friendly foods to your plate. Think soy, cauliflower, flaxseeds, garlic, peaches, and those mighty cruciferous veggies. They're like superheroes for your body, helping to restore balance and support a restful night's sleep.

4. Midnight snacks (the good kind): When those pesky hot flashes and urgent bathroom breaks disrupt your beauty sleep, reach for some sleep-friendly treats. Sip on warm soy milk to cool those fiery moments, and munch on melatonin-packed nuts like pistachios, brazil nuts, and almonds. They're like little sleep fairy helpers, ready to whisk you to dreamland.

And hey, if you need a more personalised plan to conquer menopause and regain your sleep crown, I've got your back. Book a free 30-minute clarity call with Shanely, who can guide you through this wild menopausal adventure.

Ready to catch those Zzzs like a pro? Book your clarity call [here], and let's start snoozing with style!


Note: The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any dietary changes.


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